NextGEN Gallery Plus

We are pleased to announce that we have purchased licensing and usage rights for the Premium WordPress ‘NextGEN Plus’ for all of our clients. ‘NextGEN Gallery’ is a free enhancement Plugin for WordPress platform websites and the Premium version ‘NextGEN Plus’ adds increased functionalities and features to the free version. If any our clients already […]

Price Increase for Domain Name Registrations

As of Sunday, August 7, 2016, I have been notified of a price increase for many popular Domain Name Registrations. This is a fee charged by our hosting service ( We do not ‘mark-up’ these prices charged to you and money collected is paid to For a current list of prices you can visit Parnassus […]

The Heartbreak of Hard Drive Failures

I have been working with computers since the late 1970’s and one of the first lessons I was taught is that you always make a backup copy of your work! Frequently! In those early days all we had to use were the old 5-¼ inch floppy disks and I was told to use two separate […]

Why backup your website?

Why backup your website? How can you do this? How often should you create a new backup copy? These are questions we get from many of our clients and this article will hopefully answer those questions. Why backup your website? Because you never know when something might happen to cause a failure of the site’s […]

Limited Bandwidth!!!

Not everyone has access to the internet in the same capacity. For example, I live in a rural area that does have DSL broadband internet service however the bandwidth is severely limited due to the phone company’s infrastructure in my area and they have no plans to upgrade their equipment any time soon. The one […]

WordPress Tutorial Videos

for Immediate Release: Expanded Library for WordPress Tutorial Videos For all of our Parnassus Creative Clients we have expanded the library of WordPress Tutorial Videos available for you to view on our Client Help site. The original sources of these videos have made them available on-line at their various websites (some for only a limited […]

What is a Slider?

Sliders on a website are very common these days. A Slider is a series of images in a ‘Slide Show’ format usually with clickable links in the images. Can also include animations and videos in the slides. In the past to have a features like these you had to use some expensive software to create a ‘Flash […]

Political Campaign Season is Upon Us

If you are a candidate seeking an elected office or an organization supporting / opposing an issue on the ballot then now is the time to get your website setup and on-line. Having your own website is a great way to get your message out for all to see. It is a cost effective method […]

Been Busy… Part Two

Since getting back from my trip at the end of August, I’ve been developing several new WordPress platform websites. One of these is for the Wichita Professional Communicators. This one was more of a site migration job with the organization wanting a new hosting service along with a few backend updates and upgrades. This task is now […]

Been Busy…

At the end of August I made my biannual trip to meet with my partner in this business. I believe we had a very productive session in between eating out at some wonderful eateries and lounging around the pool with our laptop PC’s working on a couple of new websites. These will be made public […]

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